Friday, June 14, 2013

Unexpected succulent and unexpected places…

I don’t think there’s another group of plants that have been quite as tortured and manipulated as succulents. If you doubt me just take a quick look at Pinterest! Our first exhibit today is one that caught my eye as I drove home. Nah…it couldn’t be (I thought) so I doubled back to take a look, and it is!

A grafted cactus in a minimalistic hell-strip.

There’s the cactus, a couple of lavender and a tree…

And a couple of craggy rocks on end, that’s all.

In this next example someone took the time to shove a bit of soil and some sedum and sempervivium into the cracks of this building.

Sadly the dry weather we’ve had this spring has done them no favors.

Hopefully the rain this week will perk them up a bit.

If not I might take to carrying my watering can when I walk Lila this way. Maybe I’ll even harvest a few succulents from my garden and add to the spare plantings. That could be fun!

These unexpected sightings had me thinking about the sedum someone/thing planted on the bricks of our chimney. I hadn’t looked at it for months.

It appears to be doing just fine.

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