Monday, June 10, 2013

Inspiration walk…

Scheming on what to plant in front of our window (where the rhododendron was) I decided to take a walk for inspiration. I’ve shared this garden many a times, and I thought perhaps I might discover a new-to-me plant which just begged to be planted in my garden, or at least an interesting combination of colors and textures. I do covet these planters, and I'd take them planted up just like this. But I've already got planters on the other side of our front door and don't want to get to carried away.

I've got no ice-plant in my garden...maybe it's time.

This photo has me thinking of color-blocking.

I find that Yucca rostrata is the answer to many of life's garden questions.

Then again a tiny leaf has it's place too (Sophora prostrata 'Little Baby').

Complete with a well placed agave (probably A. parryi).

Love the two-tone effect on the Opuntia.

Silver and green...must remember to mix in some silver!

How to freak out my husband? Bring home a Eucalyptus, this would not fly at our house.

Maybe an Opuntia hedge in front of our window? (Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery)

I believe the tree at the back is a Sophora of some sort, but the yucca, agave, callistemon is repeated throughout my front garden. Maybe more of the same?

I remember taking a photograph of these last year...

So fabulous!

In the hell-strip...this has to be the most unfriendly sidewalk plant ever, I love that.

Such a bright green Manzanita!

And more silver...

Okay, back to my house to scheme some more...where do you go for inspiration?

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