Thursday, June 20, 2013

Schefflera, a dime a dozen?

A couple weeks ago I was up in Seattle, visiting a friend, and found myself with a completely free Sunday. Sure I had to drive back to Portland but why not break up the journey with a few nursery stops? Indeed! I had three nurseries on my route…City People’s Garden Store in Seattle, Furney’s in Des Moines and Yard ‘n Garden Land in Vancouver (all in Washington). City People’s is a long time fav but I’d never been to the other two, what would I discover!? As it turns out the answer is Schefflera… at every nursery! I never dreamt this day would come. City People’s had several gorgeous S. taiwaniana…

And a few S. brevipedunculata…

At Furney's I first happened upon a pair of S. taiwaniana…

And later a display of S. brevipedunculata.

I stopped at Yard ‘n Garden Land because I’d heard they had S. taiwaniana, I figured that was an accurate indicator of the nurseries “cool factor.”

They did indeed have S. taiwaniana, and even though they were the third nursery at which I’d seen them that day it was still a thrill.

As I was photographing the S. taiwaniana I noticed this, Daphniphyllum macropodum…

Looks a little like a Schefflera no? I was awe struck. I felt like I was seeing it for the first time but as it turns out I’ve seen it before in this garden.

According to the tag it gets big, 20 – 30 ft tall and wide. As I was standing there staring at it a friendly employee came up to talk to me, asking if I liked the “rare,” of course I had to admit that was the case. As we talked he seemed doubtful this one would prove hardy and let me know he was trailing it in his garden.

The Schefflera abundance continues. Just last week I stopped at Portland Nursery on Stark Street here in Portland. What should I see but an entire display of S. brevipedunculata.

I’m still enamored but realize for some the attraction is the rarity itself. What about you? Is it less desirable when it’s easily found? Does "the chase" make it all the sweeter when you find it?

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