Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rhododendron sinogrande; my favorite plant in the garden, this week…

I think it knows…

…knows that it’s the last Rhody left on our little plot of land. It heard the cries as the front garden Rhody was sent packing. And as a result it’s wooing me all over again by pushing out new foliage!

I bought this Rhododendron sinogrande earlier in the spring (at Nerd Night). I’d always wanted one and here it was right in front of me, why not? It’s the big leaves that got me, but the new growth and its shades of brown really have my attention.

I’ve heard conflicting advice, sun…shade…lots of water…average water. I planted it where it gets a little more sun than I'm comfortable with, and of course in my usual fashion it’s crammed in very near other plants. But heck, every one of these I’ve seen has been less than vigorous so I figure it’s not going to take off and become a monster anytime soon. When it does…well then I’ll be in trouble.

The stats:
  • Hardy in zones 8 – 10
  • Eventual size 15 – 30 ft wide, 25-50 ft tall (hahaha…I am in trouble)
  • Part sun to Part shade
  • Well drained soil, rich, with even moisture
  • Evergreen, spring flowering with creamy yellow flowers

I bought mine at the Gossler Farms booth at Nerd Night, however plant lust indicates both they, and Far Reaches Farm, have it available mail order, if you’re so inclined. And I’ll let you know when mine starts to outgrow its spot…and long before it ever reaches 30 ft x 50 ft.

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