Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Meet the newest member of the family…

Andrew and I are pleased to announce…another Yucca rostrata has joined the family! Meet Alberta…

Alberta came to us from the Cistus Nursery adoption agency. It was a tough decision whether to adopt Sally…

Or Alberta...

But in the end Alberta was the one, you could say we made a connection. Getting her home involved a little bondage, but since she knew soon (very soon) she would be allowed to spread out her roots and grow big and strong she underwent the indignity.

Actually she looks kind of cute with her up-do.

You've probably guessed where Alberta will be living?

So you've met the newest member of the family, I'm wondering if you've been formally introduced to the rest of the gang? Meet Sammy, our oldest Yucca rostrata. We're so proud of him.

lil’ Sanford...our second trunked Y. rostrata. He's kind of a punk.

Clifford, the big leaf Magnolia.

Mr. Big, the Agave americana 'Variegata' (he used to be much bigger please don’t let him know he’s shrinking with age).

And I think this might also be the official debut of Louis, the newest palm…

He’s made a previous appearance here on the blog but I don’t think I identified him by name. If you’re wondering if this Louis owes his name to this Louis, yes…he does…it was only right. So that’s our family, tell me…do you name your special plants?

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