Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Easily distracted

When I was supposed to be taking pictures for yesterday's post I found myself distracted by the Melianthus major 'Antonow's Blue'...

The flowers are unusual and I'm so happy it's bloomed...

But it's the foliage that I really love.

But what's this!? Look at the purple variegation on that leaf...

Wow! These little leaves appear on stalks that continue on to the flower. Has anyone else seen this on their blooming Melianthus? Imagine those colors on a whole plant!

As it does my attention wandered to the other plants in this corner. New growth on Acacia pravissima (this one is in a container).

Speaking of containers I stuffed a few more plants in my circle pot (from Potted*) this year.

And still haven't freed any of the poor plants mashed in this one!

They look okay though, considering their poor treatment.

Rodgersia podophylla 'Rotlaub'...

Slug alert! This is why you should be careful when photographing your garden in bare feet, thankfully I did not step on it.

The corner as it fits into the overall garden...

Since I was alsready distracted why not shoot some more random photos? Callistemon viridiflorus in bloom.

I wish you could feel how soft these are.

Another day during an afternoon sun-break I captured a few things in the front garden. This is another Callistemon viridiflorus lit by the evening sun.

Ceanothus impressus Victoria has more blooms this year than ever before.

Opuntia x rutila with lots of new growth!

Parahebe perfoliata with Callistemon sieberi foliage, I wasn't sure I would like the blooms on this plant but I really do.

And so ends another couple of rambling walks around the garden. What do non-gardeners do without plants to gawk at all the time?

*Speaking of that circle pot from Potted have you heard they're running another "That's So Potted" contest? All the details are here: http://www.pottedstore.com/post/thats-so-potted-contest-2013-facebook-edition/ and just to warn you I'm entering this year and so is Andrew (remember Squid, Sardine and Coconut Jam?) so I'm going to be begging for your vote (or rather Facebook "like") in the upcoming weeks. The winner gets a $500 shopping spree at Potted. I think that's worth begging for!

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