Monday, July 29, 2013

Thuja plicata 'Whipcord' a hardy Cousin Itt?

Some of you might remember my excitement last August when I scored an Acacia cognata Cousin Itt after the Farwest Show here in Portland. Sadly it’s never looked as good as it did the day I brought it home. It’s just not as lush and full...

In fact you could say it’s “balding”...obviously the container life is not agreeing with it.

Of course that didn’t stop me from falling in lust all over again when I saw these recently at Bauman Farms

So fabulous!

However as I looked to the top of the display I noticed something else, another plant with that crazy “cousin itt” look. I must have been really intrigued because I didn’t take a single photo of the display. As I was reading the (less than helpful) tag Andrew walked up behind me. Turns out he’d been eyeing this one too. I give you Thuja plicata 'Whipcord'...

Awfully cute right? And best of all hardy to zone 5! From Klehm’s Song Sparrow: “Discovered in a Oregon nursery, this unusual form of the Western Red Cedar is distinguished by long, thick glossy thread-like tendrils. Slow growing, multi-branched globe shaped mound. Dark green foliage turns bronze in winter.” I’m so happy with this little guy I can almost overlook the fact that I bought a conifer (!!??!!) and that it might eventually be 5’x5.’

Of course that wasn’t the only thing I bought. How can you pass up a perfect Agave ‘sharkskin’ for only $12.99. You can’t!

That one on the left (below) with the label lying across it is now in my garden.

Andrew was also drawn to this Cupressus glabra ‘Blue Ice’ but one conifer at a time is enough for me, after all I have my reputation to consider.

I leave you with an image of these fabulous succulent plantings. Since they were in this exact spot last summer when I visited Bauman's I’m guessing they stayed right here all winter. Not bad!

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