Monday, July 1, 2013

Monkey see, monkey do…

Clifford, our big-leaf magnolia, has been calling out for a little extra summer lovin...

You see he has the perfect lower branch structure for tucking in of a couple tillandsia, which you’d notice when walking to the patio. I’d tried in the past to make it work but the project needed much larger plants than I had (or was willing to purchase…the big tillandsias are expensive!). I did however pick up some Tillandsia usneoides thinking it might be cool draped over a branch.

And then I saw a post on A Growing Obsession: kokedama for slackers. Denise had taken a couple of bromeliads, some moss, and raffia and created the perfect summer accent! Naturally I had to copy her.

I kept a handlful of moist soil around the roots of the bromeliads, wrapped it with moss and then secured it with with a couple wraps of twine. I didn’t like the way the twine looked (to obvious and bright, the same when I tried rafia) so I finished up using a thin wire which practically disappears.

Hunting for more moss around the garden (this is Oregon after all, there is always moss) to hide the twine I found some with bits of sedum growing in it, I think that takes things up a notch!

Knowing me I'll probably be tucking in more things (tillandsia, another bromeliad, a frog...ha kidding on that last one) all summer long...

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