Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eryngium maritimum, my favorite plant in the garden this week...

This Eryngium maritimum has been in my garden just shy of a year…

It’s not a big “stop you in your tracks” stunner…

But those twisted, spiky, ghostly leaves…

I love them.

I bought my Eryngium maritimum on a visit to Dancing Oaks Nursery last August. Not exactly prime time to plant something in the garden but I did it anyway. Of course it pouted and did a disappearing act. One or two leaves appeared once the rains returned in the fall but it never did look like it was going to make it. Now I finally think it’s decided to live.

I thought maybe it would send up a bloom but it just keeps putting out new leaves instead, which is just fine.

The stats:
  • Evergreen perennial native to Europe and often found growing on the shore.
  • Prefers full sun and well-drained soil with moderate water.
  • The foliage is rumored to reach a foot and a half tall and wide with bloom stalks a foot above that.
  • Zones 5 - 10

Growing right next to the Eryngium is a seedling from an earlier featured fav Euphorbia rigida.

The mother plant had to come out during the Rhody removal but thankfully I’ve got a few seedlings appearing around the garden. Free plants, that’s another favorite thing. If you've got a current favorite in your garden and have done a blog post about it please share a link in the comments, we'd love to learn about it!

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