Monday, July 22, 2013

Hey check out that parking lot!

Have you ever recieved an email from a friend saying you should check out a parking lot because it has cool plants? I recently did and I’m glad I listened…after all you don’t see oleander in Portland everyday!

Or sidewalks planted with olives and rosemary...

Very interesting!

Big spiky Yucca rostrata...

A fig? (I recognize the leaves as being something I should know)...

Pineappple guava (Feijoa sellowiana) next to another Y. rostrata.

And even blooming magnolia!

Turns out these cool plants all came from Cistus Nursery, of course!

Those who work in the building obviously approve since they've set up places to relax, not normal behavior in a parking lot!

There's an informainal sign too, in-case folks parking there are curious. Too bad it doesn't include a plant list (is that taking it too far?).

Against the far wall (baking in the sun and reflected heat of the asphalt) more oleander!

As well as a huge grevillea and a pair of eucalyptus.

On the far side of the lot another eucalyptus....

And what I think is a Catalina Ironwood (Lyonothamnus floribundus var. asplenifolius)

Cool leaves

Cool bark, what's not to love?

And since I was just a block away I figured it was time to pay my annual summer visit to Pomarius nursery...

Check out the cool old umbrella stand!

So many beautiful plants.

And new construction right next door.

If my memory is correct this tall bloom was connected to a Manfreda x virginica 'Spot.'

I've seen Arctostaphylos (manzanita) trained as a standard but never with a corkscrew trunk...

Pretty darn bizarre!

Blue skies...we've been spoiled.

I felt like I was being watched, then I looked up to see the horse.

A fountain for your estate garden?

Or maybe some minimalistic rock furniture?

I almost bought this 6-pack of purple cabbages because they were so gorgeous...but then I realized I have no place for them and they'll need more water than I will be able provide with my busy July schedule, maybe next year. It was fun to dream...

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