Friday, July 19, 2013

How to ship a trunking Yucca rostrata in seven easy steps...

1. Buy the Yucca rostrata.

2. Buy a sonotube (or any tubular cardboard form used for shaping concrete) which is at least 2" wider than the yucca when the leaves are folded completely upwards from the trunk and a couple of inches taller than the yucca with the leaves upwards as described.
(**Note: cute black and grey senior dog for supervising the process is completely optional**)

3. Remove the nursery pot.

4. Tie a wide piece of fabric or plastic around the trunk of the yucca, allow enough extra material that you can pull it up over the leaves to get them out of the way. 5. Remove as much extra soil around the roots as possible, if need be it's okay to cut some of the roots away.

6. Slide the Yucca into the tube roots first, once it's in place use a bamboo pole the length of the tube (shoved into the rootball) to keep the leafy bits from being crushed by the weight of the roots if the tube gets turned upside down).

7. Close-up the ends with well-taped cardboard and label "this end up" with arrows and text (resist the temptation to reverse the labeling, even though some shippers may see your labeling as a challenge and enjoy turning your tube upside down others really will pay attention to your desires).

Once safely home pot up your Yucca as soon as possible, cover those exposed roots and give it a nice big drink!

Thank you to my model, Andrew Keys, for both purchasing the Yucca and then allowing me to photograph his packing process (as well as spending an entire fun-filled day with me traversing the country-side and talking plants!). Thank you to my husband, Andrew Bohl, for the brilliant idea of using the tube to ship the Yucca.

All material © 2009-2013 by Loree Bohl for danger garden. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

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