Monday, February 11, 2013

The year of the snake...

It’s Chinese New Year! As a member of the Lan Su Garden I've received several emails encouraging me to visit and be part of their big festivities, instead I visited the garden on a quiet afternoon last Wednesday, all the better to see it spruced up before the big event (without the crowds).

So many fabulous plants growing in our Northwest gardens have come from China, and in Portland we’re lucky to have a marvelous public garden in which to enjoy even more of them.

The berries of this nandina matched the lanterns perfectly.

Such big beautiful Aspidistra elatior clumps.

The strange alien hands of a what I think is a tree peony...

Were unfurling right next to this camellia with huge flowers.

The Sarcococca smelled devine!

Pittosporum undulatum

Winter Jasmine

Rhododendron calophytum

Soon the ragged leaves of the Musa basjoo will be cut back, the pseudostem will be unwrapped and indeed a new gardening year will be upon us...Happy New Year!

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