Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A few scenes from the streets, and nurseries, of London…

Sadly I’m down to the final two posts from our September trip to London. Today I’ve got some random photos from around London, plants and buildings that caught my eye, and we'll stop in at a couple of nurseries; The Kew Gardener which is cleverly set up just outside the Kew Gardens station as you get off the train and Frosts Garden Centre which I visited with Mark and Gaz.

Nice balcony plantings eh?...

I looked for signage to explain these distinctive fragments, but found none.

These fabulous cordyline trees were spotted from the train as we moved through a neighborhood…

And this tall tree fern on the walk to Kew.

These beautiful phormium and cordyline plantings were along the Thames, by the Garden Museum.

And so was this shaggy happy grevillea…

More cordy trees…

With blooming yucca “trees” behind them.

This very densely planted front yard (?) had several curvy agaves squeezed in, along with some aloes…

I looked and looked but never did spot that low tree.

Can you imagine the beautiful light in these apartments?

Most, but not all, of my London destinations were garden related. I did venture to shopping must-sees like Habitat, Harrods and of course The Conran Shop located in the Michelin House

The building is gorgeous!

And love those roof-top plantings.

The Kew Gardener was closing as we walked up, but the kind owner let us look around a bit.

Most of the larger plants were safely tucked behind the building…

It was nice to chat with a fellow plant nerd and get a little of the local “dirt”…

And finally a few photos from Frosts Garden Centre which Mark and Gaz were kind enough to take me to while I was visiting with them. It was very interesting to see just how similar this kind of large mainstream nursery is to our versions back home. In addition to plants and garden tools there was the nick-knack department, furniture, and even some clothing.

But of course we were there to look at the plants!

For late in the season they still had a great selection.

And I’ve never seen a nursery back home with a pigeon condominium on the roof!

Only one more place to visit in London, the Chelsea Physic Garden, hopefully I'll get to that one in the next couple of weeks!

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