Friday, February 8, 2013

More from Cistus…

Yesterday I shared my newest yucca obsession and a couple photos taken at Cistus Nursery. You didn't think I’d visit this slice of horticultural heaven and come home with only a couple of photos did you? No, of course not! Won't you join me as we stroll around the nursery?

They've been busy doing some winter down-time clean up. Paths that had been semi hidden were very visible, just begging to be explored.

And the overcast skies along with a bit of moisture made the bright greens and browns pop!

Anyone care to make a prediction how much longer I'm in the "don't care for epimediums" camp? (no my resolve isn't slipping, except for that ultra sexy Epimedium wushanense I saw at last years HPSO plant sale).

I do love (LOVE) these striped and spotted Aspidistra!


The plain ol' just spotted ones are pretty sweet too.

I tried to get a picture with the red filaments on this Mahonia...

In front of this striking red container. Impossible unless I wanted to lay face-down on the path and slightly contort my body, I did not.

Inside the big-top...

Dudleya cymosa...yes I bought the one on the left. Yes I already have one..but these look different!

Looks like a little vino might be consumed after hours?

What's that!? Beaucarnea 'Gold Star'...

"Closely related to agaves and yuccas -- and not a palm at all -- this woody lily was discovered as a plant mutation of B. recurvata in The Netherlands in 1996. To 4-6 ft tall and wide eventually, the narrow green leaves margined in creamy yellow with red tinges surrounding a stem that arises from a swollen base. Needs good light -- full sun outdoors or bright light inside and infrequent but deep watering. Frost hardy to 25F, USDA zone 9b, but fine in containers that spend time in full sun outdoors."

Citrus x meyeri 'Improved Meyer'...with a lemon as large as the container!

Time to head back outside...where it's always a bit of a shock this time of year to see the nursery so empty.

Fear not, there are plenty of plants tucked safely inside the pavilions. I was very tempted by this Olearia paniculata...

The leaves stay just as gorgeous when it's larger.

I do believe I take this same photo every-time I visit in the "off season"...all those gorgeous Mahonia are hidden by other equally gorgeous plants the rest of the year.

Osmanthus 'Jim Porter'...spiky!

Great color!

Hey what's that I spy behind the fence with the bamboo? It's a lovely Schefflera....

A little climber trying to "blend" with the metal...

I wonder what's waiting for us inside?

Another wonderful Mahonia gracilipes. Mine does not look this good!

Mahonia fortunei 'Curlyque'...

And Pittosporum illicioides 'Strappy'

I love this plant and rarely take photos of mine, it's kind of hidden. Maybe I should move it!

*sigh*...Magnolia laevifolia 'Snowbird'

I swoon every-time I see one of these. My tiny tiny plant hasn't hardly grown at all (my fault for placement) and it's only got a couple of small buds. Do you hear the rationalization? Yes...I did it, this one's mine.

A new way to plant up your stock tanks!

Opuntia polyacantha 'Peter Pan' in the center. On the left I believe is a Yucca schottii...

Twisty sexy agaves!

Agave americana 'Yellow Ribbons'

What do I spy against the back wall?

Yep! Blue Atlas Cedar!

Columnar! Sweet...

I never tire of this scene, it's so welcoming.

Lupinus arboreus I believe?

Walking back down the driveway entrance to head back inside and pay for our purchases...

My friend Bridget spied these tucked away off the path...

More cute little Schefflera, which I've missed seeing in the past.

About to flower quince with fruit.

Here's a little color repetition for you...

And finally, our visit is over...until next time!

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