Friday, February 15, 2013

Bloomday, February 2013

Happy Bloomday! Before heading out to take some pictures I looked back at what was blooming in my garden on Feb 15th of 2012, 11, and 10. Wow, things are very sleepy this year! In 2012 my Euphorbia were close to blooming, the Acacia pravissima was covered with yellow puff balls and the Arctostaphylos densiflora ‘Sentinel’ was in full riotous flower. Not this year. Heck even the stand-by Pieris japonica is still only in bud. I chalk this up to our very cold January, not that we had extreme temperatures it's just that it never got warm resulting in one of the coldest January's overall on record. Thank goodness for the Hellebores…

Helleborus foetidus

Helleborus x ballardiae Pink Frost

And my ever struggling unknown purple Hellebore…which is going to get a happier home this year before the hydrangea is dug out. Oh and speaking of the hydrangea that’s it up top, since I still haven’t cut back its faded flowers I figured it deserved one more moment in the spotlight before it goes away.

Arctostaphylos ‘Austin Griffiths’ with just one tiny little cluster of flowers that has started to open.

Euphorbia rigida…not quite blooming but hey I’ll take it!

I picked up this blooming aloe at Digs last week; sure it already had the blooms and no it’s not in my garden it's in my house. See what a cheater I am?

The Grevilleas...clockwise from the left G. 'Neil Bell,' G. juniperina ‘Lava Cascade’ and G. ‘Poorinda Leane’...

Even more cheating…not even a flower! But it kind of looks like one don’t you think? (give a girl a break okay?) Sedum confusum…

That’s the February floral fantasia from my garden, click here to be transported to a magical land called May Dreams Gardens where you’ll find the links needed to travel the blog-o-sphere in search of blooms.

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