Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rare Plant Research, 2013

The last few years my enthusiasm for the Rare Plant Research Open House had somewhat dwindled, a fact best illustrated by my declining purchases (maybe I already had all their cool stuff?).

However this year I felt a renewed excitement about the event, due primarily to the fact I was attending with my partners. Nothing like fellow plant nuts to encourage your addiction!

Well, that plus cool plants.

No doubt the fact I actually had a list of a few “must haves” helped too, for instance I knew I wanted another couple of bromeliads.

See those light green almost-glowing ones? They were even better in person.

Had to have one.

Oh Furcraea you taunt me so, yes I wanted to take you home but you know you won't be happy there...

The time had finally come, I took the plunge and grabbed one of these Asparagus Ferns...

This beauty was in the "look but don't even try to buy" section. Not that I could have afforded it anyway.

Blooming bromeliad, so pretty.

The trunking Yucca rostrata drew quite a crowd. There were both gasps of delight at the $150 price and gasps of shock. It all depends on your perspective I suppose.

This little beauty was sitting all by itself, not another like it anywhere. I was smitten. And I walked away.

But I came back, and someone else was picking it up! (NO!!!) But then it bit her and she put it down, looking at her finger where it drew blood. That's when I knew I had to have it (insert evil laugh here).

Haemanthus humilis ssp. hirsutus

Yucca whipplei...mine!

Now that's a lot of spikes!

Beautiful colors of Eucomis leaves.


Here's my co-plant lust'er Megan as she swings her purchases around to be paid for. Can that woman shop or what?!!

Makes my haul look downright pathetic! In my defense there is one other plant you can't see, a dark burgundy dyckia is hiding next to the orange aloe. Clockwise from the top...big NOID Bromleiad, Asparagus Fern, that cool variegated yucca,  Aloe dorotheae, Fire Ball Neoregelia (bromeliad), and the Yucca whipplei.

If any one has a guess on the I.D. of the variegated yucca I'd love to hear it, here's another close-up. I asked the owner, Burl, and he said Yucca aloifolia 'Variegata' but then started doubting himself. The Yucca aloifolia  that I'm familiar with has a wider, flatter, softer leaf. These are very narrow, hard and sharp.

Here's the car all loaded up with our's a little deceiving too because that's a wagon, deeper than a normal trunk.

Even the backseat was full...I'd call that a successful outing!

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