Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More from downtown Portland…

For lunch on my second day of jury duty I decided to visit the Portland Waterfront and see what the plantings look like in the springtime, since I only ever seem to visit them in the fall. However because this is plant happy Portland I was immediately distracted en-route and started snapping photos long before reaching my destination, sometimes I am just so darn happy to live here.

That substantial old 3-armed Cordyline is out front of this building...

Which has a planted up, secured, courtyard.

Way up top of this building vines are being encouraged along a metal framework.

The building doesn't appear to be new, I wonder if the plantings are?

This wall of plantings had me crossing the street to check it out.

Looks like an events space maybe?

Closer to the waterfront I spied this gorgeous hosta...

And the biggest acanthus leaves I'd ever seen!

I should have got my hand in there for scale.

Over in that bark mulched wasteland...

Is the saddest little loquat ever!

The waterfront...

And the first planting circle, still looking a little empty in places.

But not in others.

Heading towards the other planting.

With it's happy gunnera.

Does anyone know the name of this euphorbia?

This Melianthus major looks a little disheveled.

That euphorbia again.

Another plant I'd love to get i.d. on, if you know.

Okay lunch is over, time to head back to the court house...

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