Friday, May 3, 2013


Out on a dog walk, but nearing home, Lila was doing that thing dogs do, sniffing sniffing sniffing, and my eyes wandered...

And for the first time I really saw the odd combination of conifers in my next door neighbors parking strip. Doesn't it look like the tall pine has a furry trunk?

Here's what's really going on...

This interesting conifer was spotted on another dog walk. It's probably frightfully common to those in-the-know but to me it was rather unusual. Bright yellow-green new growth and pink cones, pretty cool!

Sadly I only had my phone with me so the pictures aren't terribly good.

Continuing the conifer theme I share with you my burgeoning nightmare. This tall Doug Fir is growing at the back of our property line. Every year in June(ish) it drops a load of male cones on the patio, and my plant containers on the patio, causing a mess that goes on for weeks.

The last couple of years have been fairly light, this one however appears to be a banner year as the entire tree looks like this. I dread their falling...

Ending on a happy note my nearly dead Blue Atlas Cedar is pushing out new blue needles! I didn't kill it after all.

This makes me very very happy.

Especially since my new favorite image (borrowed from Martha, please don't sue me Martha) features agaves AND a Blue Atlas Cedar (never-mind that's a weeping tree it doesn't creep me out because you can't really see the dangling branches) from her visit to Flora Grubb. Isn't this combo hot?

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