Friday, August 30, 2013

So I visited another pair of open gardens…

My friend Lauren held a Monday evening open garden a couple of weeks ago, I had to stop by and see how her garden looks this year...beautiful of course!

That's it, I'm growing Castor Bean next year for sure!

And I'm probably going to need to plant some Dichondra 'Silver Falls' too, doesn't it look lovely cascading over the edge of the planter? Can you believe those beautiful big leaves belong to Nicotiana?

I need to grow these again too.

Nobody does Musa basjoo like Lauren, always amazing. Plus this year I think every single one was blooming!

I seem to always visit Lauren's garden in harsh light conditions, making it difficult to photograph. However I think this might be my favorite photo ever in her garden...

Oh my...what the heck are those!

Variegated Comfrey (Symphytum 'Axminster Gold'), seriously...who knew?

Once again I'm drooling over those planters...AND the Schefflera delavayi in the background.

The other planter (there's a matching pair)...

Lauren's new patio furniture is to die for...I love the simple clean lines.

A final look at the Edgeworthia and Metapanax delavayi as we leave Lauren's garden...

And arrive at the next! Why stop at just one garden visit when there's another open garden nearby? Exactly!

When you're greeted by multiple palms you know things are going to be good.

It's that darn Cunninghamia lanceolata's following me! (did you notice the hammock in the background? perfect!)

This home and garden are on a double lot, pretty much my dream come much space.

Who's that cutie pretending to ignore us? We'll meet up again in a bit, let's finish checking out the plants.

There's cutie #2...

I wish I could remember their names, they were just adorable. Makes me want another dog...but I can't do that to our princess, she wouldn't approve.

Okay time to head home...thanks for coming along on another evening of garden visits!

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