Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sansevieria cylindrica, my favorite plant this week (and no, it’s not in the garden)

Since returning home from San Francisco and the Garden Bloggers Fling it’s felt like we’re running a bed and breakfast, one guest after another for the entire month! Not that I’m complaining, as these are all friends and family here to visit and enjoy Portland’s amazing summer weather.

So what does this little tidbit have to do with “my favorite plant?” Well when I was making up the guest bed for the third time I found myself focusing on the Sansevieria cylindrica sitting on the nightstand. It has been ages since I really looked at it, poor thing. I guess it had mentally become furniture after moved it downstairs, out of the way of our Christmas tree about three years ago, and then forgot about it.

Yes three years! Three years in the basement with very little light, practically no water. I mean surely I’ve watered it at some point in those three years? (I did water it right after taking these pictures) Doesn’t it look amazing all things considered? Sure the leaves look a little deflated and it’s rather “splayed” (a sign of not enough light) but it’s still alive…

In better days, when it was in front of a window in the living room, it bloomed. I remember the flower as being very fragrant at night.

So yes, I am blogging about a houseplant, in the summertime when there are plenty of other plants to focus on; I think this one deserves a little praise. There’s a reason sansevieria are in offices and malls all over the world, they’re tough!

The stats:
  • Hails from Angola where it can reach 3-4 ft tall and 2-3 ft wide
  • Hardy in zones 10a-11
  • Prefers cool sun/light shade
  • Needs little water. According to San Marcos Growers: “This plant can go weeks between watering (3 week irrigation intervals are suggested); the one thing that usually kills a Sansevieria is overwatering.” (something I definitely haven't done!)

And yes I really did just put pictures of our cheesy basement "guest corner" on the internet, evidently I have no shame...

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