Friday, August 9, 2013

It’s a cliché but here I go…

Last week at this time I was strolling the beach at Lincoln City, Oregon. My family converged in Portland and then we all made the trek to the coast where we celebrated my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. The weather gods were good to us as we had moody skies...

Sunny skies...

And just enough wind to fly a kite...

Uncle Andrew helped the nephew build the requisite sand castle...

While the plant nut (that would be be) wandered the beach in awe of the aquatic plants and animals washed ashore. I know beach shots are horribly cliche but I can't resist, I was mesmerized,

I think this is called Rockweed.

And this is Feather Boa Kelp.

Sea Palm

Did you spot the lady bug in this shot?

Eventually we tore ourselves away from the beach and headed down to Newport, OR. First stop, a light house.

With some dangerous looking white rocks just beyond.

You probably figured out why they are white?

Ah yes, someone in the Parks Dept thinks they're pretty clever...

Our next stop, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, which had nice plantings and a stream leading up to the entrance.

We're you wondering what that sign said?

I love Sea Anemone and couldn't help thinking about how fabulous they'd be in a water feature in my garden.

Which would only be made fabulouser by the addition of Sea Stars!

Thanks for tagging along on my high-summer beach vacation!

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