Friday, August 2, 2013

North to the Southern Hemisphere!

I made a very quick trip (less than 24hrs) up to Seattle a couple of weeks ago, but naturally I had to squeeze in a visit to City Peoples Garden Store (thankfully the friend I was staying with lives nearby). Since I was just there a month ago I didn’t expect to buy anything, silly me. I was very tempted by these Tea Cup Taro (Colocasia esculenta ‘Tea Cup’)…

Wouldn't it be fun to watch them fill with rainwater and then tip over, pouring the water on the ground?

But instead of the Taro I picked up a Pseudopanax x 'Sabre'...

...which I’d been lusting after ever since seeing it in the “hobbit” garden at last year’s NW Flower and Garden Show.

Only hardy into the upper teens this one is a risk, but a one I’m willing to take, especially because it was a nice gallon-sized plant for only $13.99. Other times I’ve seen it in nurseries it’s been much bigger and much more expensive.

Happy score!

As I was paying for my “Exotic, evergreen shrub from New Zealand” (so says the Cistus description of this plant) I remembered the Pacific Connections Garden in the Washington Park Arboretum, which as luck would have it is conveniently located just up the street from City Peoples!

Since my visit last October I know the gardeners picked up a huge quantity of plants from Cistus. I wonder if they’ve been planted? I had to go check it out. First the Zew Zealand section...

Oh man...I want this plant SO BAD! Grevillea x gaudichaudii...

Isn't it fabulous?

No I didn't take any cuttings. Yes that would be wrong, doubly so for me since they would have just died anyway. Moving on...

Now we've wandered into the New Zealand section...

I so want my libertia to bloom, just so I can get these fabulous seeds!

That's kind of funny.

A hebe island in a sea of purple.

Back when Andrew Keys was visiting he picked up a couple of these Hebe (H. ochracea) from Cistus. I wasn't sure that I liked them but seeing them here...WOW!

Pittosporum divaricatum I believe? I love this plant.


Or a clever screening device? Sadly I didn't have time to investigate as I was late to meet up with my friend. Besides it's good to leave a little mystery for next time...

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