Friday, August 16, 2013

Foliage Follow-up, a favorite combination…

For Foliage Follow-up this month I’m keeping it simple and highlighting a favorite combination in my garden. So much color and texture and none of it from flowers…

I see this scene at least 3 times a day when I return home from walking the dog, sometimes even more than that. It never fails to thrill me. Left to right is Brachyglottis greyi (used to be known as Senecio greyi), Amsonia hubrichtii, Canna x generalis 'Tropical Bronze Scarlet,' Agave ovatifolia, Yucca rostrata, Rhamnus frangula (Fine Line Buckthorn).

Want to see what foliage is thrilling other garden bloggers around the world? Pam hosts “Foliage Follow-up” on her blog Digging the 16th of every month. Click on over to her blog for links to more fabulous foliage.

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