Thursday, August 1, 2013

Acanthus sennii, yes…this is my favorite plant in the garden (this week)…

I’ve loved the Acanthus sennii in my front garden for years now even though it never gets much more than 7” tall each season (currently it's only 4"). Earlier this spring I picked up another (a friend had asked me to be on the look-out and while grabbing her one I thought “what the heck” I probably need another one too) and wow…its gone crazy!

It’s my fav this week because I’ve been enjoying watching it react to the sun and heat to protect its tender new growth. Here’s a close up taken early in the morning.

And here’s the same plant later that afternoon.

The super dark stems are pretty cool too...

And of course I have to mention the spikes!

I wonder if mine will ever reach the proportion of the plants I saw at the Chelsea Physic Garden last September?

Here's the plant description from Cistus Nursery: A most unusual species from the highlands of Ethiopia, a shrub to 3 ft or more with silvery green leaves to about 3" wide, ruffle edged and spined, and spikes of nearly red flowers in summer and autumn. Full to part sun; medium or better drainage; and summer water in dry places. The tops are frost hardy into the low 20s °F, dying back but resprouting with vigor to at least the low teens, lower USDA zone 8, and even lower with mulch.

And the short but sweet description from Dancing Oaks Nursery: With dark green spiny leaves (perplexing to non plant addicts) and exotic vermillion red fall flowers on 4 foot stems you'll find a place for this Ethiopian native. 

So I have to ask, what is your favorite plant in your garden right now?

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