Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My Bocconia frutescens is confused, poor thing. Since it’s in a container, and mid-January our overnight temperatures were close to its hardiness range, it went down to the basement where it stayed for a little over a week. When we got back from our trip to New Mexico this had shot out…

From the San Marcos Growers website: “In late spring and early summer appear the small petal-less greenish-purple flowers in dense 8-24" long panicles that are followed by gray fruit. The flowers are not showy.”

It thinks it’s late spring!

I felt bad taking it back outdoors, but the temps are in the mid 30’s overnight again and I just don’t think I would be happy long term in the basement (lower light levels, poor air circulation and little moisture). It’s got to be a shock for it to realize it is not spring.

I’m prepared to lose the “not showy” flowers, but of course I’d love to see them bloom and the fruit develop.

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