Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My favorite plant in the garden this week? It’s a mystery...

No, not a mystery as to which plant is my favorite, that’s easy. With its bright variegation this yucca has been positively glowing on all the grey days we've had lately…

No the question is how it got here, and what it is…anyone have a guess? (for the second half at least)

This little guy started growing early last summer, thankfully yucca seedlings look like yuccas right away so I didn’t pull it thinking it was a weed, but beyond that I was stumped. I didn’t plant it; the only thing that’s been planted here was a Verbascum bombyciferum 'Arctic Summer' which died an unfortunate hot August death.

It’s a mystery…I just wish I knew what it was so I could buy more!

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