Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Decorative Cacti, the book

I picked up Decorative Cacti in Tucson in 2011. It’s an oldie, published in 1973 by Spring Books and printed in Czechoslovakia, Olga Kuthanová is listed as the translator of text by Rudolk Šubik. The book begins with a 17 page introduction to growing cacti and succulents followed by a section with over 100 pages of full page color illustrations with lengthy plant descriptions on the facing pages.

The illustrations are done by Jiřina Kaplická who has quite the botanical illustration resume; these are why I bought the book.
Opuntia microdasys

And here’s where I’ll lose several of you…I’ve taken the book apart. I know, to some that’s a high crime, but I wanted to frame a few of the illustrations (they fit an 8 x 10” frame perfectly). They really are quite lovely…
Agave victoriae reginae
Aloe concinna
Aloe variegata

I paid $7.50, although there is an ancient Kmart price tag on the inner flap for $2.87 and a new copy will run you over $300 on Amazon, seriously (I pity the fool…). Luckily there are several used copies available for $.01 (+ $3.99 shipping), if you’re in the market for some inexpensive botanical illustrations of cacti and succulents this seems like the perfect source.
Euphorbia grandicornis

Since I’ve got another 50 plates with no plans for them I’m looking for ideas…anyone really creative out there? What would you do with these illustrations?
Euphorbia obesa

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