Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A tale of two discovered gardens…

My favorite way to get around in a strange city is to walk, you see so much more when you’re on foot. I also love to take less than direct routes simply for the chance to discover the unexpected (within the parameters of safety, of course). That’s how I happened upon the Soho Square Gardens in London (or technically the City of Westminster).

It was a very rainy day and most everyone seemed to be using the park as a shortcut to wherever they were headed.

There were a few people lounging about though…

They must have very liberal public nudity laws in the City of Westminster!

There was an interesting mix of plants in this garden/park. Some quite nice.

That's a very tall Eucalyptus!

And there was even a Tree Fern!

I wonder about those voluntary contributions?

The next surprise I ran across on our way to a bookstore (bookstores, museums, gardens and nurseries...that's pretty much how we travel)...

This corner container garden was a bit of a mystery...

All that empty gravel...

Perhaps once this was part of the car park.

At least someones making use of the part of the space.

Must be concrete under all that gravel or else they would have planted in the ground. Or maybe this area is still sometimes used for cars. You can see the shadow of tire prints in the gravel. So why all the gravel?

So many questions, no answers.

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