Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Christmastime nursery visit

A couple of Saturdays ago we were out and about in Vancouver, WA. It’s not far to go, but someplace we rarely are. When I realized we were near Shorty’s Garden & Home (which I’ve only visited once…years ago) we had to stop in. Not that December is exactly prime nursery season, but you just never know…

Turns out quite the snow storm blew through right before my visit.

Lordy it even covered the Hellebore flowers!

Thankfully it wasn’t a nursery wide storm.

But still there were parts that got hit quite hard.

In some places the snow had a strange tint to it. Not yellow (thank god), but sort of a lilac.

And this! Whatever it might be called, maybe violet, with a baby blue number to the left? By the way these trees were in the “paid” section waiting to be picked up. Someone actually custom ordered this!

You might be tempted to think this Tillandsia was visited by the flocking monster too…but no! That’s its natural look. Pretty cool huh? At $13.99 it stayed behind.

Time to escape outdoors …

Isn’t it fabulous that the paper Camellia flower and the real thing look so similar? Fake = the real thing…crazy!

Here’s a fake waterfall (as in created by designers…not naturally occurring), it’s also pretty realistic (unlike that violet tree, which I’m still kind of freaked out about).

Moving on…

Oh! A charming Blue Atlas Cedar…I swoon…I really need to remember to visit this place in the high season and see what they’re all about.

I still can’t understand why Black Mondo Grass is so expensive! The stuff grows and spreads so fast!

It’s been windy…

Here’s something you can try at home! Just sink a few empty containers in the ground and then changing out plants with the seasons is easy…

I kid, of course. But I did recently read a book on succulents that suggested doing just that in colder climates. You can have summer interest and then pulling your plants for protection over the winter is easy. I dunno, seems kind of weird to me.

I'll finish this quick visit with another gorgeous Blue Atlas Cedar.

When is someone going to breed a dwarf version of this tree? I know the ‘Horstmann’ is semi-dwarf but I’m talking smaller… a girl can dream. After all somebody dreamt of a neon violet flocked Christmas tree…

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