Friday, November 16, 2012

Foliage Follow-up for November hits the road: the Portland Japanese Garden…

My trip to the Portland Japanese garden was a little late for maximum autumn color on the trees, but it was a beautiful outing and I thought I'd share it for Foliage Follow-up this month.

From the website..."Proclaimed the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan, the Portland Japanese Garden is a 5.5-acre haven of tranquil beauty nestled in the scenic west hills of Portland, Oregon." Evidently that proclamation was made by the former Ambassador of Japan to the United States Nobuo Matsunago.

Unlike the Seattle Japanese Garden that I visited a few weeks ago, this garden is full of steps and changes in grade. For me the hardscape was almost as interesting as the plants, a fact you'll see represented in the photos I took.

Once you pass through the entrance gate near the parking lot you walk up a steep pathway to the actual garden entrance. This scene was off that pathway. It was so "Pacific Northwest" that I had to snap a picture.

Now we are in the garden itself, hope you enjoy your visit...

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