Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fatsia japonica...my favorite plant in the garden, this week...

Last weeks favorite plant, Callistemon ‘clemson,’ garnered a few comments from folks who find Callistemon rather common (a geographical thing). Well it doesn’t get much more common, at least here in western Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, than the Fatsia japonica

But anyone who dismisses this plant is missing out on so much…who doesn’t need a reliable easygoing evergreen in the landscape?

Plus when it’s blooming, as it is right now, this is the most popular plant in the garden with the birds. Every morning for the last couple of weeks the birds and the bees are my entertainment while I eat my breakfast. There is even a hummingbird that pays regular visits throughout the day...

This was one of the first plants I planted in my garden, 7 years ago. The tiny 1-gallon bought at Home Depot (yep, it doesn't get any more common than that) has performed, the stats:
  • Eventual size: size 6-10 ft tall and wide
  • Hardy in USDA Zones 8a - 11
  • It prefers shade but mine is planted where it gets full sun most of the day, this results in leaves that are a little less dark than some people like.

So I’m curious what plant, often dismissed as common (and you must tilt your head back and look slightly put out when you say that word “common”) is one of your garden favorites?

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