Monday, November 12, 2012

A low key horticultural field-trip, in November

There was a conference for Independent Plant Breeders in Portland a couple weeks ago, the event brought a nice group of plant nerds to Portland, one of them my friend Derick, also known as Mr. Impatiens. Whenever Derick is in town the call goes out to the gang for a little nursery hoping. Who am I to refuse? Since this was a Sunday late in the season our adventures stayed in town and low-key (unlike this trip, this one, and this one which were dawn till dusk free-for-alls). We started at Garden Fever, “my” neighborhood nursery.

As I've probably mentioned before this is a Daphne I would happily plant in my garden, however that's on hold until the price comes down, still too expensive for my blood.

Beautiful though!

The remains of this tall Kniphofia bloom reminded me of just one you see it too?

A fabulous seedy question mark!

The foliage of the Fine Line Buckthorn reminds me of the Rhododendron stenopetalum 'Linearifolium' (Spider Azalea) which I occasionally lust after, a bonus with the Buckthorn is no silly pink flowers! On the downside it does get quite large.

After finishing up at Garden Fever we headed to Thicket off Alberta street, sadly they were closed for the season so no pictures from there to share. But next door to the nursery (at a private home) I spotted this bird bath planted up with succulents...

A nice idea if you've got a cracked bird bath that won't hold water any longer.

On to Portland Nursery where I visited my Christmas Palm Tree options again.

So expensive...

Nursery shopping in November can mean empty tables, especially in the places that do a large trade in holiday trees and greenery, as they are making room for the next wave of "goods." Thankfully a few non-holiday vignettes still remain.

And I'm still in love with this Lupinus albifrons in a display container...none for sale.

Next stop Cornell Farm, where holy smokes! Cousin Itt for sale right here in Portland!

Don't you just want to run your fingers through it's hair?

There is a price to pay for rarity (no, those are not gallon sized pots).

Cupressus A. 'Blue Ice'...I like! Perhaps an icey blue Christmas tree?

This is so beautiful that it's painful. Why oh why can't I grow Yucca 'Bright Star'...

Chubby Opuntia!

So purple...

Since I'm not a fan of garden "art" this display should scare me, but instead I kinda love it. Why? It reminds me of the shells at Lotusland.

Plus the spikes!

We were there in time to see all the succulents before the temperatures drop...and they go where ever they go to stay warm.

Love them...

All of them.

So did I buy anything? Just this at our first stop of the day (Garden Fever)...

Not that I need another tender plant to overwinter, but I couldn't resist that color!

Oh and that conference that I mentioned? I got to meet Mr Greensparrow aka Joseph Tychonievich of the fabulous Arrowhead Alpines who was in town for the event. Just in case you're wondering yes...he's just as cool in person as you think he might be. Although sadly he didn't break out in song as I had hoped he might.

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