Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What a stupid thing to do!

Remember that Blue Atlas Cedar I was so excited to have bought? Well I did a really stupid thing and let it dry out. I went to plant it on Sunday and when I picked it up the roots came right out of its plastic nursery pot and it was light, too light. I felt the soil, bone dry. Then I looked at the needles…

Yellow! And when you touch them…

They fall off. Damn! It had been sitting up against the shade pavilion, too far back I guess to have benefited from what rain has fallen, and I didn’t think to check on it. Immediately it got good soaking.

There are still many happy clusters of blue needles. Have I ever mentioned these clusters make me think of teeny tiny Yucca rostrata? Maybe that's why I love it so.

It’s the tips that are yellowing and soon to be needle-less.

I know nothing about conifers, is it hopeless or might it bounce back? Will the needles regrow, or will it live on with bald spots? Have you ever done something this stupid? Help!

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