Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thinking thoughts of summer as I tend to the prisoners

It’s been four and a half months since the big move inside and undercover took place. At least once during the winter I like to take a very thorough look at all the plants, getting up close to see how they’re doing. A dark rainy Thursday afternoon last week provided just the opportunity I needed.

I think it’s the mild winter but as I worked I couldn't help but fantasize that maybe they’d be coming out of hibernation early this year. Perhaps they've only got another couple of months in the basement? A girl can dream...

The largest Alocacsia already has been given the boot (above). The mites were taking over and I couldn't stand it any longer…I figured it’s hopefully warm enough outside for the plant to hang on while maybe the little suckers will die or at least be knocked back. The rest of the Alo/Colocasia collection is looking pitiful but alive, which is all that matters. Come the warmer months I’ll have big leaves again.

No big surprises with the agaves, everyone is doing well. Agave 'Kissho Kan'…

Agave ocahui

I really like the deeper colors this particular Agave desmettiana variegata has taken on.

And the surprisingly flat teeth of Agave bovicornuta are pretty cool.

Agave pygmae ‘Dragon Toes’ looks a little thirsty. It has gone months without a drink; yes of course I gave him one, a small one.

Here’s a bucket of survivors. The two big agaves in the back were from the 2011 tough love sale at Cistus Nursery. They were in pretty sad shape when I bought them but after our warm dry summer they really were looking good, and still do!

Alas here’s something in the bucket that wasn’t so lucky, that used to be a Euphorbia tirucalli 'Sticks on Fire'…

Luckily this one that was gifted to me has survived!

My Aeonium tabuliforme…

Has ceased to be flat!

One side looks like this…

While the other looks like this…

Freaky eh? Equally freaky (but cool) is the fact these Graptoveria leaves fell off the plant and are starting new plants, just lying on the cement floor!

Also mildly freaky this Cryptanthus bloomed last fall and in the place of the flowers at the center of the plant are all these tiny new plants. Maybe this is normal for Cryptanthus?

So them’s the highlights from the basement “once over”…come Friday it was time to do the same thing out in the shade pavilion greenhouse. These prisoners hadn’t had to deal with any outlandish winter cold snaps, but they had been horribly ignored for months. The day’s mild (61F) temperatures and sun had me in full spring mode so I sprang a few of the big ones, like the Sonchus canariensis, and they’ll get to experience life out in the real world…

It’s gotten so bushy!

The Acacia pravissima also will stay outside, all the better to enjoy its coming blooms.

Yucca Bright Star…alive but with a case of winter acne.

Hey I can actually get in there now! Time to water a few things.

Banksia serrata looking good…

As is my little Leucadendron argenteum!

I love it's tiny hairs which give it the silver gleam when lit by the sun.

Finally, remember the Agave Rescue Mission that took place last fall? Well there hasn’t been any deterioration among their ranks.

In fact everyone is looking pretty good!

And speaking of Sally Priest of WeHoP (we were because she’s the one the agaves came from) she made a trip down to California a few weeks ago and spent time at a few plant wholesalers checking out “the goods.” Sharing the joy she linked me up with a whole set of photos, a few of which I’ve posted over on my danger garden facebook page, if you’re interested. Yes…I’ve finally started to pay attention to that page I set up a couple years ago and did nothing with. Occasionally I share expanded info from blog goings on there so you might want to check it out on occasion or “like” it if you are interested in more crazy plant ramblings from yours truly (in which case I am eternally grateful).

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