Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Foliage Follow-up trip to Lowes

I wasn't going to post for Foliage Follow-up this month, just too busy! Then our door lock failed and I made an emergency trip to Lowes. I’d seen these plants last weekend when we were there for another project but was too busy to stop. This time they called to me from all the way inside the store! The next thing I knew I was out in the garden center admiring them.

These are plants I would expect to see at a Lowes south, not here in Portland, Oregon. “Drought tolerant” is a good quality in plants, even here. After all we can go weeks (or last year…months) without water in the summer. But drought tolerant succulents that aren’t hardy in our zone, that’s another thing entirely.

Was there any mention of that? No. Yes if you flipped over the tag there was zone information in (tiny) print at the bottom, but does everyone know what zone their garden is in? I doubt it. When these plants are sold right next to the (hardy) sempervivium and sedum how many novice gardeners are going to think they are "the same?"

So you’ve got cool plants, for under $10, but no labeling telling the unknowledgeable that they’re gonna die come winter. I think this is a problem. Do you agree or am I being cranky?

Oh and that yucca I bought last year at Home Depot, the one labeled as Yucca filamentosa which really is Yucca gloriosa variegata.

Well now Lowes has them, still labeled Yucca filamentosa and selling for $7.98.

Not wanting to end up all Foliage Follow-up Debbie-downer on you I found a couple of things from my garden to share. First of all it just doesn't get any better than this for new spring foliage, Veratrum Californicum.

Beautiful, no?

I was starting to worry about the Podophyllum but here they are starting to stick their heads out of the ground (I'm not sure which one this is).

And overnight the Syneilesis (Shredded Umbrella Plant) are also starting to emerge! Every day this week I've been searching for them, afraid we stepped on them with the removal of the hydrangea project. Yesterday not a thing, this morning I looked out the window and there they were!

For more Foliage Follow-up visit Pam at Digging for links to other blogs participating this month, there's bound to be lots of happy new spring green!

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