Friday, March 22, 2013

Everyone starts seeds on their stove right?

Seed starting appears to be one of my coping mechanisms for winter. I get the urge sometime in January or February, things start out well enough but then “real” gardening commences (yes I realize how ridiculous that sounds) and the seeds are forgotten. I think the only thing I’ve successfully grown on to plant-out in my garden is a handful of purple Ricinus (sown directly in the soil vegetable seeds don’t count). Last year I even started a bunch of agave seeds, several of which germinated, but then I lost interest once I could be outside working in the garden.

So true-to-form this year I’ve planted a few seeds, there is a twist though, these were all seeds collected from plants in my garden. That’s taking it up a notch right? Since my seedy endeavors can only be described as half-hearted at best I don’t have a lot of fancy seed starting equipment (trays, warming mats, lights) so that’s where the stove comes in! (I know, it’s a good thing I have an understanding spouse)…

I figure since I typically heat up the oven daily, that’s heat that could be used to help the seeds germinate (I suppose I should mention it's not a gas appliance). Plus they are right there in my face so I don’t forget to water them, and with the high watt bulb in the stove hood they’ve got a bit of extra light too.

Of course on occasion we have a sunny day and I want to move them outside to soak up the heat on the warm concrete, or maybe I need access to more than 2 burners on the stove. That’s when this kitchen rack from IKEA comes in handy. I can just pick them up and move them!

I know, this is all a little strange…but look! The Echium russicum seeds are sprouting!

So far there’s nothing from the Euphorbia lathyris, Asphodeline lutea or Eryngium giganteum…

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