Monday, March 18, 2013

A follow-up "post-winter" visit to the garden of Sean Hogan...

When I posted pictures of Sean’s garden last October there were a few people wondering how his garden would handle the winter months. I had promised to return and take photos, and when visiting Cistus week before last Sean invited me to drop by the house anytime and take pictures. Okay, I stopped by the next day! Unfortunately the magical light that made the previous photos so dreamy wasn't available, it was a beautiful sunny day. Ah well, I’m not ever going to be upset about a sunny day in March here in Portland!

I'm going to keep the editorial to a minimum, not because I don't have anything to say but because you've got a lot of photos to look at...

These agaves for the most part look fabulous, there are a few mushy lower leaves which you'll see in a photo taken from the reverse side.

If I were to buy another Rhododendron (and I'm not) this might be the one...

Be still my heart!!! I love LOVE Leucadendrons...

So beautiful.

I asked Sean how long these had been here, they went out in January. So they've withstood a few cold temps.

If you think I took a lot of photos of them you should see how many I didn't post!

Very happy Dyckia on a covered porch.

Now I've left the porch and I'm heading back towards the parking strip where I'll take a right and swing around towards the back garden.

I do love little tetrapanax leaves. They look so sweet and innocent at this age.

The sago is a little singed around the edges but still very much alive and happy.

Entering the back garden

These bromeliads look unfazed by winter. Of course about the only thing that I think would faze them is to spend a little time in the microwave.

Lomatia ferruginea

Time to head home...thanks for the invite Sean! I wish my garden looked so pulled together for a spur of the moment visit in March.

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