Friday, March 15, 2013

Bloomday for March 2013...

It’s spring! Oh I know not really, not quite yet, but its close enough for me, and my garden (and I couldn’t be happier). Edgeworthia chrysantha ‘Akebono’

Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Nanjing Gold'

Such a little "Charlie Brown" shrub...

Acacia pravissima

One of the descriptions I read about the blooms on this Bocconia frutescens said “The flowers are not showy”…ya, you can say that again! I think this is as good as it’s gonna get.

The sure to be “showy” flowers of the Clianthus puniceus haven’t made an appearance yet, still I’m loving every minute of their development.

The Pieris japonica seems extra fragrant this year.

Arctostaphylos x ‘Austin Griffiths'

Arctostaphylos densiflora ‘Sentinel’

How about a couple Euphorbia? Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow'…

This the best year yet for 'Ascot Rainbow' as it’s getting more sun since the huge Rhody came out last spring. Euphorbia amygdaloides var. Robbiae

Euphorbia characias wulfenii, not quite there yet…

This plant is slated for removal just as soon as it’s bloomed (or whenever I feel like it). It’s time to allow the Callestemon behind it to have free reign, and besides the euphorbia is getting a little old and knarly at its base.

Euphorbia rigida…

Still loving this one!

Not flowers but I had to share the fabulous seeds on the Fatsia japonica. It’s a bumper crop this year.

The many blooms on Grevillea juniperina ‘Lava Cascade’ are just starting to open.

And Grevillea ‘Poorinda Leane’ is really putting on a show!

Finally the hellebores… H. foetidus and H. x ballardiae Pink Frost

Helleborus argutifolius

A combo shot of Helleborus argutifolius along with my little purple unknown Hellebore.

I’ve moved this thing twice within the last month (to get it out of the way of a project) and it’s rewarded me with another bloom. I think it’s happy to finally be getting a little attention!

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