Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Random randomness

It was time to give Lila a bath and as any dog owner knows a good brushing before a bath is always a bonus (for your pipes as well as your dog). The brushings always occur on the lawn (uhm, or actually clover as you’ll see soon), as much as I try to keep the flying dog hair contained it is nearly impossible and outdoors is a better location. So I’m brushing away and all of a sudden both she and I jump as there is a loud POP! Like a kid’s cork pop gun. In fact something flew past my face…a near miss!

Searching for the source of the POP I discover it’s the seed heads on the Alstroemeria isabellana! They burst open with such force, a part landed on the Acanthus sennii…

And part flew all the way out to where we were sitting. The top arrow is where the Alstroemeria is and the bottom is part of the seed head shell.

Naturally I wondered just how many sees were being sprayed to and fro so I broke one open. That would be 14! Will any of them sprout? Only time will tell. I can only hope I might have a few of this amazing plant to give away in the future!

Since I already had my camera in hand there’s bound to be more photos, right? Right. My Rubus lineatus has berries!

It’s the first time, and something I was never expecting. They’re small, there’s not very many of them. But they’re tasty!

Here’s something I’ve been feeling mildly guilty about all summer. Yes there is a canna growing in my garage. And not just any canna but a C. 'Musafolia'…a special one.

The bottom of the container it’s in had completely rusted through. Last April I moved it in here to dry out so I could empty the soil and get rid of it, I procrastinated (who wants to dig out stinky soil?) and this happened. No water for months, very little light, and it grows. I should probably rescue it.

Let’s look at some new growth, you know, out in the garden, where you expect to see it. At first glance I thought the new leaves on the Pseudopanax x 'Sabre'... were some sort of insect. Beautiful color no?

New schefflera leaves are always magical, S. brevipedunculata

And look it’s going to bloom!

New leaves on the new S. delavayi...

And a bloom forming on the established S. delavayi!

No such luck on the S. taiwaniana but I must say it settled in nicely after its early spring move.

The Metapanax delavayi is also flowering. It's just starting to realize how much space and light it's got...(in other words if it decides to go for it look out!)

Do you grow these? Syneilesis aconitifolia...very hardy. If you're not you should. Seriously.

The monster Acacia pravissima is leaning out away from the house with our recent rains. I fear for his survival. If he doesn't behave we just might have to take matters into our own hands (he blocks the path into the back garden when he leans)...

Clematis tibetana var. vernayi post bloom is pretty fabulous too, don't you think?
Oh the seed pods on the Magnolia laevifolia are coloring up nicely...

And the color on the Melianthus major 'Antonow's Blue' is amazing right now! Very silver...and it's so tall. I'm going to have to cut it back to the ground before spring 2014...for sure.

Okay, in closing I've got a question. These are the leaves on my Hibiscus syriacus 'Red Heart' - I love this plant. I was clueless when I bought it years ago but did manage (somehow) to buy one that doesn't seed itself all over the place and has bigger than normal leaves. But look...they've got spots now...

Most of them at least. Any ideas about what's causing the spots? Of course the flowers are still fabulous!

Thank you for joining me for the random randomness....

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