Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My second visit to Annie’s Annuals

Looking back now the whole thing seems a little surreal. There I was at Annie’s Annuals for the second time, ogling amazing plants while surrounded by dozens of my online friends. How lucky am I?

My first visit to Annie’s (in 2012) was a little rushed, we squeaked in just before closing time. This visit was long and luxurious and even included a moment with Annie herself.

To be honest there was one thing which would have made this visit even better, if I could buy all those Zone 9 plants and plant them in the ground without a care! Ah well, we can't have everything right?

This dyckia was just insane...

Okay let's look at the plants!

Oh man...I LOVE this one! I think I may have actually drooled on this page of my paper catalogue at home. There's that darn Zone 9 issue though...

Can you read the part about "if you're reading this sign & there are plants left on the table, consider yourself chosen"'s like buying it is my destiny...

So many different colors of aeoniums...

And aloes!

Mountain roses...

I don't remember seeing these before. Guess what zone?

I'm a sucker for pleated foliage!

The dudleya were all such gorgeous colors...

I can't tell you exactly what Proteaceae this is but it continues the color trend nicely doesn't it? If you've never been to Annie's, and find yourself in the Bay Area, you really should make the drive to Richmond to see all this exuberant plant madness in person! If not, make sure you're signed up to get their catalogue!

So are you wondering if I bought anything? Yes I had to grab one of those Phylica pubescens. And look I even put it in the ground! I thought the spiky agaves could use a little but of fuzzy company.

I also picked up one of those Mountain Roses, Greenovia aurea 'Gran Canaria Form.' It was hard to chose which one though because they all had such unique shapes. Check out this image to see an especially fine form.

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