Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kew Wednesdays, the Mediterranean Garden

If you’ve been following along you know our first stop at the Kew Gardens was the Palm House. After that the rain picked up and we hurried towards the shelter of Temperate House. While I did manage to snap a few pictures of the Mediterranean Garden as we passed through most of my exploration occurred later in the day, once the rain had stopped…if you feel a little weather disconnect in the continuity of the pictures that would be why.

Almost on Palm overload here…

I believe (assuming I found the correct plant tag) the silver/blue shrub is Hippophae rhamnoides.

And of course this one is a Broom, Spartium junceum (Spanish Broom) to be exact.

Side view of King William’s Temple, we’ll see that picturesque building later too.

This must be a Lonicera of some sort?

Acacia pataczekii

I don’t know what this shrub is…

But I loved the multi colored seed heads, even though I couldn’t get a clear picture of them!

The Temperate House is a very photogenic structure.

After taking the photo above I turned around to see this…

And realized I was looking at a huge Fremontodendron!

This lovely bark belongs to a Cistus laurifolius.

Puyas I presume?

King William’s Temple, again.

Unknown Verbascum.

Great photo of a guy striping cork off the tree…

Arbutus x andrachnoides (Hybrid strawberry tree)

Echium albicans

I’ve never seen this Echium before, but I like it!

In my reality I believe that was the last photo I took as we left the Kew. You however still have so much more to see! Come back next Wednesday when we’ll continue our journey…

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