Saturday, April 20, 2013

A few things that have caught my eye on the interwebs:

Lotusland, the Blue Garden. Photo Gerhard Bock, used with permission.

It’s rare that I post on Saturday, even rarer that I post just a list of links, but sometimes a girl’s gotta share. And besides couldn't we all use a little distraction from the horrible events of the week?

...First up, I don’t know how many of you follow Gerhard Bock’s blog Bamboo, Succulents and More if you don’t then you’ve been missing out on an incredible series about one of my favorite gardens EVER…Lotusland in Santa Barbara, California. Gerhard’s eye and skill behind the camera lens combines with his thirst for knowledge on the subject to create a can’t be missed 5-part photo smorgasbord. These posts are almost as good as visiting yourself! Almost.
Lotusland, the Aloe Garden. Photo Gerhard Bock, used with permission.

Part 1 - features the Visitor Center and Australian Garden, the Tropical Garden and the Japanese Garden.
Part 2 - is about the Blue Garden, the Cycad Garden, the Fern Garden and the Bromeliad Garden.
Part 3 - takes you to the Aloe Garden.
Part 4 - covers the Water Garden, the cacti and euphorbia plantings along the road to the main house and the main house itself.
Part 5 - wraps things up with a tour of the Cactus Garden.

Lotusland, the Water Garden. Photo Gerhard Bock, used with permission.

...Next up, did you know that Moby (yes that Moby) has an architecture blog? I visit for a bit of L.A. mid-century architecture porn, but recently he linked to a video for The Lonely Night. Perhaps you’ve already seen it but if not it’s worth a look (and listen)…there are absolutely gorgeous desert shots!

...Finally do you know the Cactguy? He’s on Tumbler and is co-hosting the “First Annual Tumblr Spring Botanical Art Show” he asked me to help get the word out so here’s a link to his post with the details. I’ll cut right to the important part… “The winners will receive botanical swag from the four (hosts) including cacti, succulents, and bromeliads cleaned, labeled, and ready to go with instructions, cacti seed, botanical prints, and photographic prints.” Nice!

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